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You want to work from home and become financially independent?

Threemagical reasons
why you should consider a change:

1.You will gain knowledge and find out about best practices on how to become a WordPress developer and to be a part of the fastest-growing industry.
2.You will learn how to sell yourself and attract potential clients through digital channels and the fundamentals of branding and marketing.
3.We will provide you support through coaching sessions where we can help you with emotional support, building self-esteem, better time management, etc.

Who will you become after course?

Our main goal is to help you become an independent, happy mom, by living your life the way you like it.
After achieving the first results, we wish to see the smile on your face!

So if you find yourself thinking in this way:

“I want to find time for the things I enjoyed before I was a mother”

“I want to earn enough money so I can be independent
“I want to have other topics rather talking only about my child”
“I want to turn my hobby into a business”
“I want to start my own business from home but I don’t know how”
“I want to show my children that being a mother doesn’t mean I can’t build a career too”
“I want to learn new skills”

We can tell you – you will and you can do it!



So, whatwill you learn?

learn how to create websites

Part 1



  • Creating all kinds of websites and online shops using WordPress,for your business or  sell to clients
  • Setting up a server and hosting environments, buying domain and creating subdomains
  • Developing modern, responsive and  creative websites that are exactly what your customers want 
  • Creating all kind of forms, maps, coming soon page, custom post and WooCommerce
  • Transferring WordPress websites from staging to live
  • Selling Maintenance plans to your happy clients

Part 2



  • Learn why it is important to have one more skill beside WordPress?
  • What is digital marketing and choose the channel you enjoy the most (SEO, Content, Paid Ads…)?
  • What is branding and why is it important?
  • Find out which steps you need to cover in the brand management process.
  • Define your brand using proven branding principles
  • Use social media to authentically reinforce your brand
cool digital mom

Part 3



  • Empowering you to discover your potentials again and unleash them reframing your concept of life.
  • Encouraging you to better organize your time.
  • Supporting you to experiment and improvise with new behaviours.
  • Motivating you to set realistic goals and plan the way to achieve them step by step.

But, I know you are still probably thinking:


  • I never have time for myself.
  • I can’t plan anything because the kids are unpredictable.
  • There is no way I could learn something like that.
  • I want to achieve so much but sometimes feel I’m without any support.
  • I don’t know where to start.
  • I can hardly be visible compared to others.
  • At my age it’s very hard to start fresh and from scratch. 
Look, those are the things which you probably picked up from your environment. Someone once told you that you can’t, or your loved ones didn’t support you or you doubted yourself because you once failed. All of us have some beliefs which can lead us to bad habits, lack of self-confidence or lack of enthusiasm. I know that, because I’ve been there. That’s why we tailored made this course, especially for you:

1 .LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: The course is self-directed, all lessons become available the moment you enroll in the course.

2. WEEKLY Q&A: On a weekly basis (8 weeks in total), we answer your questions and host some other moms who are very successful in their jobs, so they can share their magical potion.

3. HER CHANGE COMMUNITY  Become part of our facebook group and learn, grow and exchange experience with other moms from our program

4. FREE TEMPLATES & GUIDES Full access to all templates, checklist guides for planning marketing activities, communicate with clients, pre-live and post-live checks and more
5. GROUP COACHING SESSIONS Discuss important topics, challenges and opportunities with a certified coach online, but in a safe and pleasant environment

6. INSPIRING WEEKLY COACHING CHALLENGES Getting weekly tasks on your email and searching for deep insights which would encourage you to succeed on this journey. Points of your cards, Solution focused approach and appreciative inquiry are just some of them.

7. REAL PORTFOLIO One done website for portfolio with subdomain and 1 year free hosting



Do I need to learn how to code?

No, in this course you will not learn how to become a developer and don’t worry – you don’t need to learn about HTML, CSS, PHP and other scary languages. 🙂 Here I will show you how to build websites on your own, using one of the most powerful website builders, which is more than enough for the beginning. On the other hand, if you are interested in coding, I will give you some recommendations on how to start.

Do I need to have any previous knowledge?

No. This is a beginner course, and we will teach you everything from scratch.

Am I going to get all the materials at once?

Yes. All templates, cheat sheets and presentations will be available when early bird closes, while all remaining content will be available on the launch day. We’ll have a group coaching session each week , Q&A meetings with special guests, a private Facebook group to enhance your knowledge as you work through the course. 

Can I access the course when I want?

Absolutely, after the course is finished you will have life-time access so you can always come back to the certain topic.

How long will it take me to finish the course?

The course is designed to last for 8 weeks, after which you will have your own website and all necessary skills you need in order to work independently. If you would like to learn what you can do with WordPress skills, check out our free workbook and inform yourself about amazing possibilities.

How long will it take me to finish the course?

The course is designed to last for 8 weeks, after which you will have your own website and all necessary skills you need in order to work independently. If you would like to learn what you can do with WordPress skills, check out our free workbook and inform yourself about amazing possibilities.

What Does coaching support look like?

You will receive weekly challenges which you should reflect on. You would be able to exchange these insights with other participants in a safe online space – closed FB group. 

You will also have group coaching sessions with some practical exercises which would allow you to experiment with new behaviours and search for further encouragement. 

Are there any individual coaching sessions?

That is not included in this 8-week-program but you can always agree on additional sessions 1 on 1 with our coach (discount would be provided :))


3 in 1 magical program opens enrollment of new students in APRIL 2022!
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