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Empowering Moms
To Make Their Own Income

From moms to moms! Learn how to easily build websites, work remotely and design your life for freedom, peace, and balance, while still being the best mom for your kid.

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About us

When I heard my 3 year old daughter say “Mom you don’t need to work. Daddy is working, you can cook and play with me ” I decided to show her why it is important for a woman to develop her passions, be financially independent, and be filled with her successes. And here I am with two incredible women (Digital Marketing Manager & Career Counselor) to prove this to you too!

Milena, Web Developer

What we offer you?

learn wordpress


Become an expert in creating all kind of wordpress websites and strat your online business in one of the fastest growing industries.

learn digital marketing


Gain knowledge, tips & tricks on how to sell yourself through digital channels, as well as fundamentals of branding and marketing.

motivation coach


Build self-confidence and improve time-management skills to become an efficient future professional with support of ICF professional coach.

years of experience

satisfied international clients

professionals who will guide you

days to change your life

Happy mom = Happy child


Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but our main goal is to help you become an independent, happy mom, by living your life the way you like it. After achieving the first results, we wish to see the smile on your face!

After becoming a mom, we really know how hard it is to return to 9 to 5 shifts. But thanks to the skills of making websites in WordPress, you’ll have more control of time and organize your private life and career in the best way.

What we would offer you as a BONUS, besides making the websites, is a course about how to sell yourself and your brand online, using the latest trends in digital marketing.

But since this journey is not an easy job, we realized one of the best ways to go through this process is by providing additional value like coaching support from a professional certified coach. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, and a coach is a thinking partner on the journey of your development.

Ready to become financially independent?

Find out about 3 magical reasons why you should consider a change.

Support of our
ICF certified coach

“Еveryone needs a coach’’, said both Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google). No matter what you do or you are planning to do, it’s easier when you have support. And our professional, certified coach is here to help you with finding resources and regaining your will to be the best support to yourself.


What skills do you need?

To start with this course you don’t need any coding skills. All you need is computer, basic searching skills, a profile on at least one social network, and commitment to learn. Following our step-by-step couse you’ll learn everything you need to start your online business.

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”
Belva Davis

Get your free Workbook

Food blogger, freelancer or owner of a small online business? Download our free workbook and discover different online business models that you can choose from, so that after learning how to create your very first website, you can decide where exactly you see yourself and what the right niche where you wanna be is in order to have maximum profit potential.

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