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I’ve been there, that’s why I can help you fulfill your dreams.

WHYshould you trust me?


You’ve probably asked yourself this question. And I totally get you. The thing is, I’ve been in your shoes. So, while I am writing this text and working on this course, my children are sleeping. If I am lucky (and they don’t catch the flu again), they are in daycare. But most probably they are sitting in my lap and ”helping” me type. And time is a limited resource, we can definitely agree on that. 🙂 The thing is, TIME can be used wisely, especially if your vision is to become more independent, more satisfied, more fulfilled, and most importantly – the best role model to your kid.

Happy mom = happy child. Right?

So, how can you do this? Well, let’s start by telling you more about me and my team!

Hi, mom! I am Milena.


I am an expat mom of 2 toddlers always in search of new challenges and adventures in life (like this is not challenging enough). 🙂
Having been in the PR and marketing sector of concept stores, festivals and international companies for 5 years, I finally found what my true passion was. In my very late 20’s I started my journey as a web developer which completely changed my life.
When I heard my 3 year old daughter saying, “Mom, you don’t need to work. Daddy is working, you can cook and play with me,” I decided to show her why it is important for a woman to develop her passions, be financially independent and successful. And here I am with two incredible women to prove this to you, too!

A mom who changed her career and life in 30’s.

A mom who got certified in the coaching field during her pregnancy.

Nice to meet you, I am Adrijana!


I’m a fresh mom of a little girl, who tends to use every minute in the best way.
Spending time with my partner, baby and a dog in nature, reading while waving in a hammock and dedicating time and energy to be valuable to a community, are some of my favourite things. I love sunflowers, beer and good quality humour.
Being your support and a thinking partner in setting goals and encouraging you in a journey of your change is my mission in this project 🙂
In a professional sense, I am a Career counsellor, trainer, mentor and certified ACC coach by the International coaching federation.

Thanks for dropping by, I am Lina!


I have 10 years of experience in digital marketing, branding, and leading people. Besides working for big companies like The Coca-Cola Company, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal and Sheba Medical hospital, my proudest accomplishment is building a brand with my mom thanks to which she became financially independent during the big Covid 19 crisis. 

When I am not busy juggling several jobs and clients, I love long walks in nature with my dog Coco, drinking beer with my friends and exploring new places.


A daughter who helped her mom start a new business during Covid-19

WHY does our company exist?


I’ve devoted my whole life to working for big clients, companies and businesses, and at one point I decided to take the most meaningful break in order to jump into the most important role in my life – becoming a mom. And since I really know how hard it is to return to 9 to 5 shifts, thanks to skills (like building WordPress websites) which I developed in the meantime, I have more control of my time, I organize my life in a more meaningful and productive way. And my passion is to help as many moms who are in the same boat as me.

The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to develop a skill set outside WordPress development, and sell your services as a package. The major job descriptions other then “Make a website” that most clients need include also digital marketing: branding, social media marketing, and/or content marketing etc…So what we would offer you as a BONUS is a course on how to sell yourself and your brand online.

But since this journey is not an easy job, I realized that one of the best ways to go through this process is by providing additional value like coaching support from a professional certified coach. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, and a coach is a thinking partner on the journey of your development. So I invited my friend and roommate from schooldays to join me in this project.

Trust me, It’s totally possible to grow your business, even have some passive income and earn money while you are sleeping. And the most important fact is – while doing that you can still be the best mom there is.
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